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179a - Extreme Spots

The episode shows SpongeBob and Patrick at Sand Mountain where they see Johnny Krill, Not Dead Ted, and Grand Maul Granny, the Drasticals, doing Extreme Sports. A British fancy fish tells them about them, and because he spoke in lisp, they've mistaken for "Extreme Spots." Patrick gets jellyfish on him and gets covered in jellyfish sting spots (SpongeBob is already covered in spots.) They stand in front of the team, wanting to join them because of Johnny corrects them for "sports" not "spots" and lets them try to be Drasticals. He shows SpongeBob a motorbike. SpongeBob tries to climb on but the motor bike starts and it rips his arms off. His arms drive away on the motorbike whilst SpongeBob tries to catch up. SpongeBob is about to give up when the motorbike comes back at him. The motorbike hits SpongeBob onto the handle bars. The motorbike drives through three sand dunes which SpongeBob eats most of. The motorbike stops in front of Johnny Krill. All of the sand starts coming out of SpongeBob. On the hill above them, Patrick gets pushed by Granny down the hill on a clamboard. Patrick swallows the board and hits lots of rocks. Once at the bottom, SpongeBob and Patrick walk over to Johnny Krill and his team. Johnny decides that his sports are too extreme for SpongeBob and Patrick. So SpongeBob tells Johnny they can jump rope while Patrick is playing dubble Dutch. Patrick sings a song then he falls out when he finds out it was exercise and SpongeBob says extreme. Johnny Krill shows them extreme as Ted jumps fast, hits a plane, falls down and blows up burned. Johnny says that sports has to be explosive. So, SpongeBob blows a bubble and he and Patrick mimic the booms, but they're not impressed. Johnny says it has to be big and he shows it by riding his motorcycle through a huge bubble wand and ride in a bubble through town and landing on a heavy industry. SpongeBob asks if fighting is extreme and Johnny says fighting is "totally extreme."

SpongeBob boxes a pillow, but didn't do so well. Unimpressed, Johnny shows them, by hitting the pillow hard, and taking it to the cleaners (through the washing machine. SpongeBob warns it's dry-clean only.) He beats the pillow and the mattress beats up Johnny. Johnny asks if they do any more sports and SpongeBob says Patrick is an expert at Dumpster diving. Patrick climbs on top of the Dumpster and fall face flat on the garbage. Johnny says it's not extreme but when Patrick brushes his teeth with a rotten toothbrush, he says that may be extreme. And they show them, with Granny landing on the garbage at a high height, gets in a garbage truck, gets crunched up into a garbage cube, and emerges unharmed. (Patrick comments, "That is one tough elderly person.") Johnny asks if they do any other sports and SpongeBob says there is one sport if they're up to it: Jellyfishing. And while they are doing it, The Drasticals catch jellyfish while doing extreme. Later, the team got injured and are covered in jellyfish stings, saying that the spots are way extreme. The fancy fish says the extreme spots are the direct product of Extreme Sports. Patrick asks, "Who is that guy?"

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