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186a - Safe Deposit Krabs

An advertisement for free interest from the bank broadcasts on the Krusty Krab's TV. Mr. Krabs hears about it, and as always rushes to the bank. Mr. Krabs notices that people get interest. Mr. Krabs over-obsesses about money, and Nancy presses a button for guards to kick him out. Mr. Krabs disguises as a mustachoid man, but the disguise fails.

Mr. Krabs disguises again, but as a woman, and Nancy told him he had to make a deposit. Mr. Krabs chooses to deposit only a penny, but is anguished. While saying goodbye to his penny, he falls down to a room full of money. He arranges this pile of money into a restaurant. SpongeBob sees that Mr. Krabs is gone. He goes to Pearl, then he calls Mr. Krabs, who says he is running out of oxygen. He then goes to Patrick and asks for his help to break in a bank. Patrick does a spit-take and is shocked at how crazy this is, only to say it is great. SpongeBob and Patrick arrive at the bank and discuss how to get it. Patrick brings some shoelaces, and SpongeBob grapples them to the roof. The shoelaces untie themselves, and he falls. Patrick brings a grappling hook, but it also fails after they took the vent that led that back at the front. He has a key, and SpongeBob commands him to use finesse. Patrick uses his "finesse", but the bank opens at the same time. Mr. Krabs hallucinates, and imagines himself on a beach with a woman made of money, only for the beach to be in fire. The money is the sucked by a vacuum cleaner, which is a dragon in Mr. Krabs' imagination. SpongeBob breaks in, but takes his ski mask off. He requests a bank guard to withdraw one Mr. Krabs. The guard sees Mr. Krabs breaking the vacuum cleaner, and promptly kicks him out with SpongeBob, along with his "deposit". Mr. Krabs is angry that the bank didn't even give him his free interest, but gets another penny thrown at him. He says he doubled his money.

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