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198a - Sharks vs. Pods

SpongeBob is cleaning up at the Krusty Krab, when a gang of sharks, called the Sharks, see SpongeBob dancing to music while cleaning up. When SpongeBob walks out, the Sharks introduce themselves as Ronnie, Donnie, Lonnie, and Sharkface. They soon ask SpongeBob to join the Sharks and with SpongeBob excitedly saying yes.

Then, the Sharks and SpongeBob drive around town. When a group of girls see them, they scream, and faint. After, a fruit vendor dumps all of his fruit on the Sharks' car. The Sharks then drive to a club called the Howlin Marlin. The Howlin Marlin Bouncer tells them they are not allowed in the club. The Sharks' rival, the Pods are introduced. With this, the two groups snarl at each other, until the police walk up and break up the argument.

SpongeBob admits that he does not want to be a part of the group anymore, because he fears that he will have to fight at the face-off, so he goes home.

At his house, he finds a note left by the other Sharks, saying that they have abducted SpongeBob's pet, Gary. SpongeBob, scared that he may never see Gary again trains for the face-off. He arrives at the face-off just before it starts, but SpongeBob soon discovers that Squidward is apart of the Pods. SpongeBob explains that he does not want to fight Squidward and joined the Sharks by mistake. Squidward tells SpongeBob that the two groups are in a dance-off and that there will be no fighting involved. SpongeBob, confused, asks about the screaming girls. The Sharks say that the girls were fans. Then, he asks about the fruit vendor. The Sharks explain that the fruit vendor thinks they don't eat enough fruit. Afterwards, SpongeBob asks about the Howling Marlin Bouncer. The Sharks then talk about Jonnie, who SpongeBob replaced. It is revealed that at the Howlin Marlin, Jonnie did a dance move, which resulted in the wrecking of the Howlin Marlin floor with his teeth. They also mention that Gary is their DJ and that he was not abducted, but gave a ride to the dance-off.

The dance-off begins with the Sharks and Pods doing a dance sequence. Shortly after, the police arrive at the scene — only to join the dance. They dance until the Internal Affairs show up, who also attend the dance. Then, Mr. Krabs announces the Sharks as the winners. The episode ends with the Sharks and Pods jumping up.

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