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198b - CopyBob DittoPants

When Plankton, Karen and SpongeBob throw a party, SpongeBob gets shown a copy machine. Plankton puts the copier on "Scan" and it scans SpongeBob. He clicks print and makes a SpongeBob clone the next day and then he colors the tie blue with a marker. Then the next day, at the krusty krab, the copy walks over to the real SpongeBob and they work for Mr. Krabs. Squidward goes crazy because he thinks he's dreaming. So he beats up the customers and Krabs. So Plankton makes 305 more clones to ask for the formula but then after they find out what it is twice, one of them turn into a light gray hue. Next, it rolled up into the shape of a burrito and then vanished in mid-air. The same happens with all the other clones. Squidward comes back and then squishes Plankton and he says "Right on my keys." and the episode ends.

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